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You don’t need me to tell you that there are numerous posts on WordPress plugins. However, many of these posts have failed to mention some of my favorite plugins and it’s only fair that they get some love! Check out the following plugins and I am sure you will agree:

Dynamic Headers

Changing the header of a WordPress template is often the first step taken in customizing your website. Oftentimes, people create one header and use this header throughout the entire website. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a different header on each page or post? Now you can thanks to the Dynamic Headers plugin. You have the capability to upload images or flash files to serve as your header. Once this plugin is installed, you upload your media; use the drop down feature to insert your header onto your page or post.

Keyword Statistics

The Keyword Statistics plugin will assist in your endeavor to create SEO copy. This plugin keeps track of how frequent a word or phrase is used and generates keyword suggestions that you can use to craft a description that is sure to entice your readers.

What Would Seth Godin Do

The What Would Seth Godin plugin enables you to properly greet readers who stop by your website. This also allows you the chance to keep the conversation alive by asking people to sign up to receive updates from you.

Broken Link Checker

The name says it all! Nothing is more frustrating reading a post that has links that do not work.  Rescue your readers from experiencing this headache by checking your links.

Wp Copyright Pro

Unfortunately, there are people too lazy to produce their own content so they steal it from others. Having the WP Copy Pro installed will deter thieves because it disables a variety of ways people use to copy your content (i.e. right click copy and paste). Once thieves see how much “work” it will take for them to steal your content, they might just channel their efforts into creating their own content.

Print Friendly

Have you ever wanted to print a blog post that inspired you? If you do not have this plugin installed, you resort to doing so by using one of the following methods:

1.)    Print straight from the web and run the risk of printing out the dreaded extra sheet of paper that is of no value to you.

2.)    Copy and paste the post to Word or Google document (this action will not even be an option if you install the Wp Copy Pro plugin), format the post and then print.

Save some trees and reduce the amount of work your readers need to do by providing them the opportunity to create a print friendly version of your masterpiece.


Can you imagine losing all of your content? This scenario can easily be avoided by installing the WP-DB-Backup plugin. It creates a copy of your files and allows you the option to download it to a server, your computer or emails you a zip file. This plugin can save you from experiencing a blogger’s worse nightmare.

These are just a few of my favorite WordPress plugins that are not highlighted as much  and  I wanted to make sure to share them with you. What other plugins should be added to this list?

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