Brazen Careerist: A new kind of career management website

Many career management websites cater primarily to experienced professionals. Obviously, if you are a member of Generation-Y you rarely meet the years of experience required for many of the positions you may seek. However, if you are never given the opportunity to demonstrate and hone your skills—how can you gain this experience?  It is the ultimate catch-22.  Fortunately Brazen Careerist has launched a new website that solves this problem.

Unlike many other career management websites, Brazen Careerist enables young professionals to share their ideas while simultaneously helping each other to excel. This website allows young professionals an opportunity to share not only their experience through a traditional resume, but the ability to demonstrate their potential by showcasing various blogs and has even implemented a new feature called the Ideas feed. Brazen Careerist realizes that resumes only paint part of  one’s  professional picture.



Although, young professionals may lack the experience required by most employers, they are able to compensate with bringing new ideas to the table. You do not have to go far to see the impact young professionals are having on society (i.e. Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg). Brazen Careerist’s platform comprises a variety of individuals ranging from those starting out in the workforce to those who left the workforce to pursue entrepreneurship. Regardless of what stage a young professional is at in their career, Brazen Careerist motivates you to pursue your ambitions and celebrates your accomplishments.

I often start my mornings by checking out this website. I thoroughly enjoy being able to get a variety of opinions on issues such as healthcare, higher education, etc. Brazen Careerist has such an amazing collection of bloggers that are able to convey their thoughts in such a way that generate spirited discussions. I enjoy the ability to be able to participate in discussions impacting Generation Y, as well as having been fortunate to have had the honor of having my blog posts featured on this website.

Today, several bloggers are writing blog posts about the launch of Brazen Careerist’s new website and I am honored to be a part of this group. I am proud to play a role in the Brazen Careerist community (albeit a small one) and anticipate today’s launch will cause other career management sites to take a second look at how they operate their websites.

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